If you could have any dream party in the world what would it be ?

How about a princess party ?

with sequins, glitter and glamour

A Pirate Party ?

Swashbucklers Ahoy !!

what about

A Puppet Show Party ?

where you design and make the entertainment

or even a

Formula 1 Racing Cars Party ?

with your very own car and helmet to race against your friends . . . . . .

Let your imagination run wild . Whatever party theme you chose you can guarantee fun for all . Everything needed will be prepared and provided by Arty Party and completely stress free for you . Your guests also get to take their crafty creations home with them .

For more information , quotes or bookings e-mail


Don’t just take my word for it , here’s what some happy party people have to say . . . .

“Emma is the BEST entertainer. Inventive, creative, and just downright weird and wonderful…what more could you want for any party, kids and *ahem* grown ups too! ๐Ÿ˜€ ”
Clare 18 October 2015 ยท

” Thanks again Emma it was a fantastic party. You are a super star. Fun and inventive games, brilliant face painting and creative crafts. Very pleased. Xx ” Hayley

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